Music Dyslexia Tuition

I specialise in using music within dyslexia tuition. I have studied effective strategies borrowing ideas from established research in this area. There is mounting evidence that developing musical skills can have a positive impact on literacy attainment. Musical activities within dyslexia tuition includes:


Rhythm games

Singing games

Body percussion 

Listening exercises 


I are particularly interested in the Kodály teaching philosophy. I earned the Cecilia Vajda scholarship for the International Kodály Summer School in 2023. This has inspired a unique approach to dyslexia tuition including musicianship training, singing games and music literacy. 


For more information on how music can benefit individuals with dyslexia and other neurodiversities, see News or contact me.


Tuition Enquiries

Please note that our music inspired dyslexia tuition programme will be face to face in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. There is no online tuition available at this time.